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All of our rubs are made with only the highest quality herbs and spices.
​ is a website dedicated in providing customers with the best and most delicious meat rubs and seasonings. Our company has a wide variety of different products that will take your cooking to a whole new level.

All of our products are made using a carefully made family recipe. From the delicate and delectable chicken rub to the tangy pork rub that packs a punch, you are sure to find a seasoning that will suite your taste and cooking style. All of our products are affordable, but that doesn’t mean that our customers will have to compromise on the quality. Quality is an important factor here at Ferolito’s and all of our products prove just that. 
Ferolito’s are the best rubs that include a delectable chicken rub that consist of carefully selected blend of over 10 high quality herbs and spices. This rub is perfect for all chicken recipes from fried chicken to baked chicken. In addition to the finger licking good chicken rub, Ferolito’s has also formulated
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Spices and Rubs

a five spice pork rub that is a careful blend of spices near San Francisco, located near Napa California, including cayenne pepper, and adds tang and loads of flavor to your cooking. With over 20 years in blending spices, we have developed the ideal recipe that will make each and every dish a one-of-a-kind mouthwatering experience.

Ferolito’s serves many areas of California including: Napa, San Francisco, Sonoma, Sacramento and Berkeley, California. But in addition, we also offer our products online. We are sure that our scrumptious family recipe will be sure to please every taste bud and all of our customers are always satisfied. 

Remember when you Rub your Meat with Ferolito's you are using a product that has been pleasing the Ferolito Family & Friends for 20 years. It is a proven recipe. We hope you enjoy our spices and rubs as much as we have!